Hey Kids! You’re Loved (even during virtual learning)!

Sometimes our youth need to be reminded they are loved, by their peers and community. Growing up is tough!
High school is TOUGH! Jr High is TOUGH!
If your child would like to nominate a peer to remind them that they are loved even if they don’t know it, please email Humans@PTXDiverse.org with their name and how we can remind them they are awesome and cared about by their community!
If you or someone else needs help:
For that moment you need someone that doesn’t know you. That one moment when you need objective caring support. That one moment when your voice doesn’t work because you’re too overwhelmed with the tears and the despair That one moment when texting feels more comfortable cuz you do it all the time. For that moment when an emoji is the best expression. For that moment when it will make a difference.
Text 741741 and put HOME in the comment and send. 24/7/365 Text Crisis Line.
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