Family Bucket Lists

Happy New Year, everyone!!! We are SO glad that 2020 is finally over… How about you?

Instead of the typical “New Year Resolution” that everyone makes and never sticks to, we decided to try a new tradition of creating family bucket lists. If you’d like to join us, have each member of your family choose one (or more) thing(s) that they have never done/haven’t done in a while or never perfected that they would like to accomplish in 2021. To give you some ideas, we are going to share our lists here with you as well!

We will probably add more as time goes and our brains get into a more functional mindset. 2020 was a doozy so we are trying to focus on all of the things we CAN do vs. all the things we CANNOT.


Kusterbeck Family Bucket List

Brandy – Learn piano

John – Read a physical book

Eva –

Fiona – Play OMORI

Abby – Paddle boarding

Fallon – International travel

Stella – Learn to roller skate

For the family – Go on a cruise, learn Hebrew, start a family board game night tradition, learn to crochet, give Abby and Fiona a cool Senior year, make cool meals/desserts


Lee Family Bucket List

Charlise – Finally go on a honeymoon for our 5 year anniversary

Brian –

Bradyn –

Remy –

Phoenix –

Chevy –

Charlie –

Solara – Start Pre-k in person (PLEASE!)

Iah – Wean from the boob

For the family – learn to cook as a family, teach the kids more life skills, go to the beach, buy a bigger van!

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